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While I Was Away

Subha Manoj

Month: July 2009

The day it rained….I lived my day

I have been lately trying to live my life. I have been into extensive reading, investing a lot on books, enjoying instead of cribbing when my husband travelled, practising Reiki, meditating, taking in more students, making plans for my brother Read more…

Choosing to be a full time mother: The decision came straight from my heart

I had always been ambitious and wanted a corporate job. As a management student, I had always been clear about the kind of organisation I wanted to work for. After my MBA, I gave couple of competitive examinations, out of Read more…

Kider Brook: A foundation truly worth your pre-schooler

Being knowledgeable and informative is defintely a boon, but it also makes the person difficult to please. It holds true in my case. From the moment I conceived till date, I have always chosen to be an informed parent in Read more…