The day it rained….I lived my day

I have been lately trying to live my life. I have been into extensive reading, investing a lot on books, enjoying instead of cribbing when my husband travelled, practising Reiki, meditating, taking in more students, making plans for my brother in law’s wedding which is later this year, taking a vacation amidst my son’s school, listening to music and communicating […]

Choosing to be a full time mother: The decision came straight from my heart

I had always been ambitious and wanted a corporate job. As a management student, I had always been clear about the kind of organisation I wanted to work for. After my MBA, I gave couple of competitive examinations, out of which I cleared SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) and The South Indian Bank. But I could not take both […]

Kider Brook: A foundation truly worth your pre-schooler

Being knowledgeable and informative is defintely a boon, but it also makes the person difficult to please. It holds true in my case. From the moment I conceived till date, I have always chosen to be an informed parent in every aspect. So when my son turned 2.5, I wanted to enrol him in a Pre-school. I was looking for […]