Alfa Clinic: Dr. Fatima Poonawala (A lovely experience!)

After our relocation from Pune to Bangalore, our major task was to find good doctors. The perfectionist within my husband and me made us look at every nook and corner for good doctors. And to top all of it, we found ourselves expecting our second baby.
Our first choice was to go to Apollo clinic in Bellandur, but somehow it did not click with us. If you ask us the reason, then lets just say that being a hospital chain, they had this list of tests to run, talk about procedures! In the first visit itself, we were presented with a bill of more than 2000 bucks, and then another 2500 bucks by the time I went into my 3rd month. On top of it, the doctor could not connect with me on a personal level, which finally made me look out for a better doctor. A better doctor’s definition for me was someone who could give me personal attention, was open minded, and at the same time could consider pregnancy as something natural.
My search started and went on for a few days, in which I spoke to every person I met, and called all my friends in Bangalore. Atlast, from a few online communities and a friend, I came to know about Dr. Fatima Poonawala’s Alfa clinic.
The clinic is situated in JP Nagar, and is not big or fancy, but what delighted me was the clean and hygienic set up. I am of the opinion that if one has to estimate the hygiene and cleanliness of a place, we must visit the loo. And that I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very fresh smelling, and clean toilet paper. You may ask me, what special about toilet papers! But, I have been to the biggest of the hospitals and clinics, and most of them were stinking and without toilet papers.
The doctor was patient and listened to the cynic in me. I told her about my fears, and apprehensions, and she never once interrupted or make me feel stupid. She heard my husband equally, and what really moved me was that she took a sonography of the baby, just to show my elder son (4 yrs old). My son kept raving about the sonography all the way back:) She told me very clearly that we would not be running any tests unless necessary, and that the entire tenure of pregnancy will be considered as natural as possible. When I expressed my fear of an episiotomy (the first time I had it), she simply told me that I would not need it 🙂 She let me have a walk through all the rooms and maternity home. I was satisfied with the small yet cosy set up, and decided there and then to have my delivery there itself. She gives an option to have the delivery at Mallya Hospital where she visits, but I did not take it up.
All my visits were very cordial and only necessary tests were done. She was considerate enough to call us only when necessary, so that we would not have to travel 24 kms one way for the pre natal visits. I was not very comfortable waiting for my pains to start at home, as the clinic was far, and she understood my anguish. And thats why she agreed to get me induced if she felt my body is ready. A day before my delivery, I went for a check up, and she told me that I was ready for inducement. She induced me on a Monday morning, and then the wait bagan!. My pains started only on Tuesday late morning, which was a surprise, because this was my second pregnancy and my cervix took a really long time to dilate. (which is usually not the case the second time) She dealt with me very patiently, and waited for me to dilate well. Had it been any other biggie hospitals of Bangalore, I would have surely had a C-section. I delivered amazingly easily with a 3 hour labour, and a patient staff, who smiled through my shouts and anger during last 45 minutes of labour. 🙂
For all of you, who want to have their husbands present during labour and delivery, this is again just the right place to be in. My husband wanted to be with me the first time, and could not be, because of lack of support from the doctor. But Dr. Fatima told us happily that my husband could be present with me all the while. My husband stood by me all through the process and also during delivery, and we were elated when we held our dearest daughter for the first time together!
I feel that maybe because of lack of use of medication as much as possible during labour, I recovered much more faster than my first time. And need I mention that I did not get an episiotomy, and got away with just 2 stitches which got healed in five days!
This place is for all those women who want to have a one on one attention, and do not care for the biggie names and hospitals. Do not be under the impression that the rooms were not good, because we got a Super Deluxe room, which was very convenient (had a refrigerator, microwave, utensils and a separate lobby for wash area). The only negative thing which we could find was the noise which was coming from the road which the clinic faces, and lack of an in-house food provider. Infact there is one lady who helps with home made food for the patients, but we could not avail her services as the Ramzan season was on, and she was on leave. Thankfully my friend pitched in.

Please note: Read through the comments for information on water birth, which has been started recently at Alfa Clinic. 

You may visit Alfa Clinic’s Facebook page here for more information on water birth. 

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