Karma or something better

Human beings have a solution for everything. And just in case, we do not get a solution, we have the right reason for that too: KARMA…PAST LIFE DOINGS.

A couple born with a special child, a person suffering from a ailment, someone loses his job, there is an untimely death in the family, a business gets doomed…there is reason for all this.

From the culture I come from, I have heard the term, Munjanma paapam (Last birth’s sins), many times over. And the person in whose reference this term is used, is tormented beyond limit. He is asked to do poojas, ceremonies, visit temples or worst just accept it as fate and do nothing about it other than brood and sulk over the past life’s sins.

Honestly, I do believe in Karma and re-birth. I also believe that there is an opposite and more than equal reaction to every act of ours. So as much as a good deed done by us comes to us in multi-folds, a bad deed comes back too. Sometimes in the present lifetime and sometimes in the next.

I came to understand a lot of nuances about re-incarnation, life after death and past life regression from Dr. Brian Weiss, whose book Many Lives Many Masters was recommended by a dear friend of mine, while I was fighting the grief of my father’s demise. To say the least, it helped me a lot. It helped me understand life in a different perspective and thus make me overcome many lingering questions in my mind for a very long time.

But after my recent trip to Kerala, I was particularly affected by this term, Munjanma Paapam. I found it very rude and also the kind of effect it had on the person undergoing a trauma was in very poor light. But, there was none who could help me alleviate my doubts.

Coincidentally, I picked up yet another book of Brian Weiss: Through time into Healing. And boy, was I happy to pick up this book. It showed me another perspective about struggles one faces in his life.

Anyone who has read Dr. Weiss would know that all souls can choose what life or birth would they want. Every birth has a reason and every birth is supposed to teach us certain virtues. Some lives go wasted, in the sense that the very purpose for which the birth has taken place, is not fulfilled. And thus arrives future births. Some souls want to learn a certain virtue which requires a specific kind of a life, which happens ahead.

What is interesting is that  this book mentions that some souls which are stronger by nature, chose a certain life-time and struggles on purpose. The tough experiences and situations teaches them the lessons they want to learn.

It made far more sense to me now. When I looked back and observed the struggles I had to face at different stages of my life, I realised that every time I learnt some new emotion or virtue. It made me stronger and level headed.

And this approach is definitely better than brooding over past lives’ sins and do nothing about them. It makes us think, get better and move on. 

But you don’t have a job.

Last week, I had a chance to come across a long lost friend from college days on FaceBook. He accepted my friends request almost immediately and we exchanged phone numbers too. And then we spoke for some time. The conversation started with usual discussions about college days and other college mates. And then he asked me about myself.

He: So what do you do?
Me: I am a SAHM.
He had told me that he is working in brand manager for a FMCG after passing out from an Oh-Nice! MBA institute, when we exchanged messages on FB.
He: Oh, so you must be pretty much free. Its cool na?
Me (in my head): Huh? What? Did you just say ‘cool’ and ‘pretty much free’? 
Me: What do you mean?
He: I mean, isn’t is easy? Being at home. You have loads of time to yourself. You can take a nap, cook when you want, eat when you want, chit-chat as much as you like, and ofcourse shop with your husband’s money.
Forgot to mention: He is unmarried . Well, I am not surprised WHY, by the way our discussion went. 
Me: I am a stay at home mother. I have 2 kids and a husband. I manage my time more than yours. I have a schedule which I dare not step outside from.
He: But you don’t have to work.
Me: Oh Dear, I have to work really hard, I just don’t get paid for that.
He: You are getting wasted. You are so educated. You are just making your husband work for your needs. So typical of Indian women!
He was lucky that we were over the phone. He did not see the expression on my face. Now, you would ask me why did I not just keep the phone. I did not becasue I wanted to see how far this can go. My kids were away at school anyway.
Me: Enough of my boring housewife-ish life. Tell me about you. What do you do?
He: I am leading a top brand with a FMCG (He named a leading fruit juice brand).
Did I just hear drums beating? 
Me: And…
He: It’s pretty busy. My day starts pretty early, by 8 in the morning I have to be up and running. (I almost gagged of laughter…really…8 is early? So when I get up 5:45 every day, is that midnight?)
And then I am back home only by 8 at night.
Me: And friends and family?
He: Parents stay in some other city. I work 6 days a week and Sundays are so tiring that I get up late and watch movies on my laptop.
Me: Don’t you get bored?
He: What is there to get bored? I am putting my education to use, earning good money, having a good life. Not like you, man! But tell me, how do you ‘not’ do anything??
Me: FYI, I manage my kids and my home which is impeccable, I write, blog, have an active social life virtually and otherwise, have friends who will come running when I want them to, manage my husband’s hard earned money. And coming specifically to the kids, I teach them, take them for classes, go to their school and play basket ball with my son’s friends sometimes. So ya, I am pretty much do nothing. I am actually wondering what do I do with my leisure time?
He: Oh ok, I got the point. You win. But still, you don’t have a job. And that’s not done.

The conversation ended with me hanging up at the pretext of picking up my daughter from school. I was left wondering, some people are so self absorbed that they fail to be thankful for the million other small things which make a house a home, a life more than ordinary, a family so close knitted that you don’t need a blanket and have friends you can call your soul mates.

Gangnam Style!

Sonny came back home super excited and dancing non stop to glory in the true Gangnam style. My mother kept staring (I couldn’t stop laughing!!!) and then asked him what he is trying to do?

“This is gangnam style dance, Amumma.” My son declared and continued the repetitive hip shaking.

“Ganga what??” was my mother’s question is response.

I told her Gangnam style is the new chart buster song from a Korean rapper, Psy. Coincidentally the song came up on MTV and she was further dumbstruck.

“But he is fat, not-young and not-goodlooking.” She said.

“yeah, but he is super rich, has girls running behind him and is an inspiration now to many Koreans, and to say the least are thankful to him that he has put Korea on the global map.”

My mother rolled her eyes and walked away leaving Park JaeSange a.k.a Psy doing his signature moves followed by my son.

For many who don’t know (including me till some time back), Gangnam is posh hotspot in Seoul, Korea. Gangnam literally means south of the river, the river in this scenario is the Han river, flowing through Seoul. The place boasts of exemplary lifestyle, biggest brand names and celebrities. Korea which has been primarily an agricultural economy has now transformed into an urban and industrial economy. Interestingly, Gangnam was the least developed district in Seoul which now occupies premium space in Korean television shows, movies and literature. It is now every Korean’s dream to have a home in Gangnam.
(Information courtesy: TOI)

Many may say Psy is a one song prodigy in the global music scenario, but he definitely has done a lot to Korea’s international image, has made himself richer by leaps and bounds and is making every Korean and non Korean dance mercilessly to his hit song.

Oh ya, did I forget to mention how I was dancing to the song while making breakfast today morning? 🙂