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Subha Manoj

Month: November 2012

Karma or something better

Human beings have a solution for everything. And just in case, we do not get a solution, we have the right reason for that too: KARMA…PAST LIFE DOINGS. A couple born with a special child, a person suffering from a Read more…

But you don’t have a job.

Last week, I had a chance to come across a long lost friend from college days on FaceBook. He accepted my friends request almost immediately and we exchanged phone numbers too. And then we spoke for some time. The conversation Read more…

Gangnam Style!

Sonny came back home super excited and dancing non stop to glory in the true Gangnam style. My mother kept staring (I couldn’t stop laughing!!!) and then asked him what he is trying to do? “This is gangnam style dance, Amumma.” My Read more…