India has turned Kalyuga personified.

Right in the morning when I got up yesterday, the news of a 23 year old girl being gang-raped ruthlessly by six non humans (in the form of men) welcomed me. To say the least, my heart bled and I cried. I could not stop thinking that the young girl and I both woke up on Sunday (16th December) morning looking forward for an enjoyable day. While I chose to be at home, she chose to watch ‘Life of Pi’ with a friend. Sunday ended for me like any other usual day, but for her, it turned out to be a monstrous night. While I slept peacefully, she was thrown almost naked out of a running bus on a Delhi road! The gruesome details which the media gave out about the rape and the victim made me sick to the stomach. It left me questioning God…the Supreme power. It made me say, “Krishna…nee begane baaro” (Krishna…Please come quickly). India has turned Kalyuga personified.

Today, I still cannot stop thinking of the girl, her parents and her brothers. How will the boy she went for a movie with come out the extreme trauma of witnessing an excruciating act? As a mother, I wince when my kids get a bad scratch. I CANNOT imagine the plight of the mother who sees her daughter in such a critical condition. A daughter who was their dreams, their achievement, their financial support, a medical student with an aspiring career ahead.

I am scared for my kids. I am left questioning my parenting skills. Am I ensuring that my daughter and son are going to be self equipped to be safe or that my son will respect every woman he comes across? I really don’t know, and that is more scarier. Where did the parents of the victim and the rapists go wrong?

Did the parents of the girl go wrong when they were okay with her going for a late movie with a guy friend? (Ridiculous question!) Did the father of the main accused lax his fatherly duties somewhere that he meekly stood and answered the questions of the media? I was furious at the mother of one of the accused who said, “My son is a kid, he cannot rape.” Really?! Is the fact the rapists come from the lower strata of the society also a factor?

What pains me that today we all are talking about it, the news channels have made it their propaganda, the political parties are trying to say the ‘right’ words and take the ‘right’ actions in the Lok Sabha (but ofcourse there is groundwork, the voting, the legal hierarchy, the many zillion factors!), Facebook is all over with the messages of goodwill and anger, online voting, media voting, discussions, et al. And then what happens after a week, a month? It is conveniently forgotten. Have we not seen in the past? I sincerely hope this time it is different. Mrs. Jaya Bachchan cried in the parliament, I cried too (at home)…but unfortunately my tears cannot do much, whereas Mrs. Jaya Bachchan’s can. (If she wants) So, can the right people cry and fix the issues, please?

Now the solutions…here is what can be done:
1. A girl should not wear any western or revealing clothes. Well, men have become this uncontrollable maniac sex starved species who cannot keep their hands to themselves. So ladies, now we cannot wear what we want.
2. No going out after it gets dark. Darkness makes the evil come alive. Sunlight does something to these monsters, their manly functions stop working when it is daylight.
3. No going out with men. Actually, this makes sense. Because, either they will be shot, or stabbed or beaten up badly if they try to intervene.
4. No travelling in isolated places. This is the exact reason there are no molestation cases and groping incidents in public transport!
5. Report to the police if you are eve teased. They will teach you how normal it is for a guy to eve tease and a girl to be eve teased. It is not a BIG DEAL.
6. Better still, not have daughters. If you have one, keep her at home. Home is the safest. There are no wrong men in the family who could possible rape or harm the girl.


1. Sex education. It cannot be stressed enough upon.
2. Teach a child about bad touch and good touch. Children are not as ignorant as we think they are. They flinch from a bad touch immediately. Encourage them to tell everything at home. It starts with creating an environment at home where they can come and indulge in any kind of confessions with the parent.
3. Schools must run a police verification of all their bus drivers, helpers, employees and contractual workers. It scared me to death when I read that the accused is a school bus driver.
4. Police has to stop talking and start to walk the talk. It is your duty to protect common man. So, please do it.
5. Politicians need to take time out of their busy schedule of sleeping in the parliament, throwing public property at each other, watching porn while the house is on, blaming each other for the wrongs, and conveniently forgetting the important agenda. Please use this time to create a faster and penetrative legal system for the safety of a common man.
6. Ban ‘rape games‘ in the true sense. There is a thin line between the virtual world and reality for the young minds. It is dangerous and heinous.
7. Learn and teach basic self defense.
8. Ban covering of windows of public vehicles.


Nothing is worse than taking a life of a woman while she is alive. India, wake up!

If my life was a Hindi serial

  • A doctor is always available for home visit. I just have to call him/her and say: “Doctor, aap jaldi aa jayiye.” Tadaa! The doctor will come with a bag in tag. 
  • I have to do pooja everyday in the morning. Ya, even if my kids are getting late to school.
  • No matter how early I get or how late I sleep, I am well dressed: properly pinned saree or salwar suit. 
  • Even if I have a small baby who does not sleep at night, I WILL NOT have dark circles and I am always smiling. 
  • I have to call my MIL Mummy ji or Maa ji.
  • I will do every chore in the house but not read a book or watch television. 
  • All festivals will be duly and primly celebrated with shraddha. 
  • I will keep all the fasts for my husband, child, neighbour, parents, inlaws….anyone else?
  • I can never think in my head…I have to think ALOUD. 
  • I miss seeing the obvious. How else will my life have suspense??
  • I will feel shy when my husband touches my hand after three years of marriage. 
  • I just have to throw up once, and I GOT TO BE pregnant. 
  • Wind will blow and the curtains will move when I am in a thoughtful mood. 
  • My house is spic and span NO MATTER WHAT. 
  • My house will be palatial whether I have money or not. 
  • I will have a maid who is always smiling and reliable. 
  • There will be background music whenever I speak. 
  • The skin care rule of removing make up before sleeping will not apply to me. 

Movies at the theatre: Then and Now

My uncle (he is around 50) was in Mumbai recently for work. He is in the Merchant Navy and obviously travels a lot. Needless to say when he comes on leave, he is catching up with family chores. So, this time when he had spare couple of hours before his flight back home, he decided to watch a movie (Turned out to be Talaash). Needless to say, he really looked forward to it, well…he does not remember the last time he has watched a movie in a theatre.

He stood in the queue to buy his ticket, and behind him stood 2 young girls. And when his turn came and asked for a ticket, the person at the counter said 250. My uncle with a cheeky sense of humour coolly looked behind and then replied to the ticket seller, “No, no. Not for 3. Its just for me.” I can imagine what the girls and the guy at the counter must have felt…or I can’t actually!

We had a hearty laugh when he told us that he was shocked that one ticket costed him 250 bucks. I said that was cheap. If it was a weekend, he would have had to shell out 350 bucks, and he was SHOCKED. The last time he had spent 15 bucks on a balcony ticket.

I was flashbacked to my first movie watching experience in a theatre. I was in my 11th std and we were a bunch of teenagers from the same class and for most of us it was the first movie outing alone without parents. We were supposed to watch ‘Jumanji’. And when we reached ‘Priya’ theatre in Delhi, it turned out that the tickets were all sold. Ya, dumbnuts! None of us thought of advance booking. And we ended up watching the other movie which was running: ‘Mission Impossible’. I don’t even remember how much the tickets costed us. But we enjoyed Tom Cruise in the action flick.

Many such movies followed when I was in college. And most of the times a movie costed me 50 bucks. And then there was Shakuntalam Theatre n Pragati Maidan. The ticket came dirt cheap at 25 bucks. It was fun when fun came cheaper 🙂

Today, when we go for a movie, spend almost 700 for tickets and another 300 for popcorns. There goes Rs. 1000. Sighhhh. But there sure is something about the box office. It never goes out of style or budget!