Childhood matters when it comes to parenting.

“You have to perform better.” “85% is not good enough!” “Dress better.” “Don’t make a fool of yourself.” “No phone calls from your friends.” “Get up early..that is what good kids do!” “X is better than you.” If you have heard these phrases from your parents as a child, and now you are a parent, read on. This post is […]

2012 Highlights: EFFORTS = REWARDS…..really??

HIGHLIGHTS 2012 – POST 3 This post starts with a warning: It is a very subjective topic. This is my opinion which I have formed; with the way situations went down and came way up in 2012. I strongly feel one’s life’s principles are born from the situations one faces and the way it has been successfully dealt with. 2012 started […]

2012 Highlights: Relationships too sometimes come with an expiry date

HIGHLIGHTS 2012 – POST 2 Being a single child, I have grown up on a steady flow of friends. They fulfilled all that which the lack of siblings did for me. I guess that is why I value friendships like something sacred. I still continue my friendship with a few people who have been with me since my kindergarten days! […]

And that is what parenting is all about

I will be soon completing 7 years of motherhood. Yayyy! To say that parenthood has changed me by poles would be an understatement. I have realised my undermined strengths as well as weaknesses. The thing about becoming a mother is that it comes without training but with a lot of intuition and gut feeling. It is like being an intern […]