2013 HIGHLIGHTS: Towards bigger purposes of life (POST 2)

I was introduced to Reiki in 2008, when I was dire straits about handling the pressures of life: A young child, a tough decision of leaving a corporate career behind for family, taking up teaching, sleepless nights, terrible back ache and anger issues. I decided to learn Reiki – Degree 1. You can read about it more here. To say […]

2013 HIGHLIGHTS: Attending my first rock show with kids! (POST 1)

What happens when there a perfect cocktail of a Saturday evening + family + friends + sprawling ground of Primus Public School + progressive Carnatic rock band AGAM + Bangalore’s cool winds? You get the perfect KICK!  When last week Anirudh came back from school with a circular about AGAM performing in the school grounds, there was not a second thought […]