Project: Anirudh & Neelanjana

A few days back, I took an oath that I would finish off
Project: Anirudh & Neelanjana, aka, completing their respective baby books.
FYI I started officially in 2005, when I bought A’s baby book while I was
carrying him. But years kept passing away, N also arrived in 2010 (I precisely
bought her baby book too in 2009), but somehow I could not get myself to
complete both the baby books.
But one thing remained. I kept writing small notes for both
of them, kept collecting knick knacks for the special moments, took (and still
take) a lot of pictures.
And it finally dawned upon me last week that this has been
pending for  pretty long time and I
should now finish making the baby book now. Well, my kids are not even babies
any more, especially A, who is now 7. J
After spending about an hour daily or some days even more
for the past ten days, voila….It is finally done! And I just couldn’t stop
clicking some pics of the baby books and put it up on my blog. 
So, here it is:
(A’s baby book, bought from Crossword, Pune in 2005)

(I wrote this poem for A, just after he was born in 2006)

(A’s baby wrist tag just after my delivery)

(Newspaper clippings of the day he was born: 22nd January 2006)

(The temporary birth certificate received from the hospital)

(A holding Pappa’s finger….aaaaaaw)

(And A turned on his tummy for the 1st time!)

(A very rare funny-moment pic of A…people who know him know how rare it it :))
(A’s 1st birthday invitation card)

(Another first – his lower tooth fell off, BTW I have attached the tooth too in the book :))

(From the first day in playgroup to first day in Primary school)

(A’s 1st note to Pappa and me :))

(N’s baby book bought from Crossword, Bangalore in 2009)

(A little note about the day N was born: 24th August 2010)

(Out of the hospital pic, N is just 2 days old in this pic :))

(Newspaper clippings of the day N was born)

(At home, being adored and pampered by big bro)

(Head shave ceremony at 1 year)

(A note on our family)

(N’s 1st birthday invitation card)

(N’s hand-print taken in pre-school)

(N’s 1st GOOD GIRL certificate from pre-school: December 2012)

(N’s big words from her small mouth :))

(Why I am blessed to have a daughter)

(Foot prints forever, thanks to the Almighty: A, N, Me and Manoj)
Ofcourse, there are lot more pics and a lot more writings in both the books, but I selected the ones which are most special or could be photographed. 
And this has been what has kept me busy as buzzzzzzz bee. I am so sleepy today, quite typical of me. When I finish a long awaited activity, I sleep like I am in hibernation 🙂
Project: Anirudh & Neelanjana 

And this is why they are from Mars and we from Venus.

So these days, the husband and I leave for work at the same time. Till a certain point, his car and my car are driven one after the other. So basically, either he is following or vice versa. Like a hopeless romantic, if I am in the front, I keep looking at him or even smile at him (yeah!) through the rear mirror or the wing mirror. If he is in the front, then I look at his reflection in his rear mirror. (I warned you…I am hopelessly romantic)

Today morning, while having breakfast:
Me: So what do you feel when you see me driving just in front of you or behind you?
M (chewing his food and eyes dug inside the newspaper): That a car is either in front or behind my car.

For a few seconds, I didn’t speak. After gathering my broken heart,
Me: Really? It does not do anything to you that I am so near to you….yet far?
M (still chewing his food and eyes dug inside the newspaper): Huh…what???
Me: Nothing.
It was even more hopeless that I was having this conversation with my unemotional better half.

Actually, I should not be surprised.

Two months into marriage (yeah, I still remember after 9 years of marriage, and obviously M has very conveniently forgotten about it), I got up in the morning with a very badly sprained neck. It was so bad that I could not even move an inch. It was a weekend, and around mid noon, his friends called up asking him to meet up for a guys’ evening. I don’t know what you are thinking, but my then-absolutely-new husband agreed happily. What followed can be easily imagined. Trust me, till date I have not understood how he could have imagined to leave behind an immovable-badly sprained-new wife alone and go out with friends.

And then recently, our building lift came up with a serious issue and it was getting stuck for some reason. Now being a claustrophobic, I was completely horrified thinking of a possible situation when I could get stuck. So  I decided to talk it out for moral support.

Me: What if I get stuck in the lift? What will you do? (I was hoping my knight in shining armour would make some quick phone calls to the security room, the facility manager…and the works)
M (thinking what a silly question): What can I do? You need to press the alarm.
Me: But what will you do? Will you not be worried about me?
M: Our lift has excellent 3G coverage. Just log into Facebook. That way you will not get a chance to think about being stuck. And anyway by then, the security will come for help.
Me: O-K-A-Y………..

After sharing with you 3 of the many incidents, you must be pretty much aware of my expectations from him. But, but, but, he managed to sweep me off my feet some time back….

A few months ago, when I was visiting my physiotherapist for a general follow up, he insisted on giving me a new set of exercises and a round of infrared treatment. What followed was a 45 minute session with my bag and cellphone kept away from me. I could hear my phone ringing, but obviously couldn’t pick up.
After finishing the treatment, when I got into the car, I saw 4 missed calls from M.
When I called him back, what I heard was a worried voice.
M: Where the hell were you???!!
Me: Why? With the doctor…he got me in for a treatment.
M: I called you 4 times! Why couldn’t you have picked up your phone?
Me (all smiling): Well, the phone was inside my bag and the bag was kept away from me.
M: You should have smsed me before getting in the treatment then. So that…
Me (smiling further): So that….what???
M: So that I would not worry so much!
Me: Ohhhhhh…so you worry too….for me???
M: You are my wife? Aren’t you?
(Yesssss, I am! :))
Me: Hehehe….you are worried about me!
M: Are you nuts?
Me: Yeah, nuts about you….apparently 😛

Oh what shall I say now….sighhhhh. I am hopelessly romantic, and have no plans to change. My husband worries about me, you see. 🙂

Banana Trouble: by Anirudh Kuruvanthody

Recently I gave a creative story writing work sheet to my 7 yr old son. After 15 minutes, this is what I received from him.

I have written below in his exact words, his version of the story:

“….He will be busy scratching himself. From a coconut tree one coconut fell on his head. Then he got dizzy and he will fall down. Then he got up. He went far away. He was feeling hungry he found a banana tree. He climbed the tree and ate the bananas. Soon it was noon. It was so hot that he was sweating a lot. After sometime some wind came and he stood happily ever in his life. “

Needless to say, there was no reason why it wouldn’t be mentioned in my blog 🙂