Some things never change :) – Blogathon- Post 27

29th August 2013
Do you remember the orange ice lollies we used to have as children. I have very fond memories of those. It used to have 2 sticks attached to it, and we used to very generously break the ice-candy into 2 pieces and share it with our friends.  
The same went with lollipops and sweet candies. I remember an incident from school, when one of my friends was eating a red coloured candy in English class. Our teacher used hate anyone eating candies and  scold very badly if someone was caught. So, she came near my friend and asked whether she had a candy in her mouth, and obviously she blankly refused. She was then asked to show her tongue, and out came a bloody-red coloured tongue. It is needless to say that she got the scolding of the lifetime. But that never stopped her or the rest of us from eating our favourite cheap candies. They used to cost 25 paise for 4. Oh my!
The other day, I saw a big bump inside the right cheek of my 1st grader. Ofcourse, he had a chocolate in his mouth. When I asked him whether he had a chocolate in his mouth, he answered negatively, staring at me with his eyes wide open. The funniest part was I could see him trying to hide the bump in his cheek and moving the chocolate in his mouth. I asked him to quickly finish off his chocolate. The speed in which he chewed the toffee was worth watching!
The same day, I clicked this pic of N, enjoying her lollipop. She was giggling away to glory as she showed off her red tongue. 

These are the times when I think childhood is the same: Then and now. 

Happy PENship day :) – Blogathon Post 26

 28th August 2013

I waited for the day I could start using pens. It was a big big thing! And when the day finally arrived, I went for pen shopping with my mother. We were supposed to use only ink pens. The journey started since.

I guess I was in 8th grade when one of close friends introduced me to cartridge ink pens. They were non-messy and the pens came in attractive colours. But honestly, I was never a big fan of ink pens. So, I waited when we would be allowed to use ball pens.

That day arrived too. And off I went for pen shopping. I have to confess, I am a shopaholic with a specific fetish for stationery. My grand-dad was in WHO and he used to get exclusive stationery which was unavailable in India.  My grand-mom used to keep them locked in a closet. Similarly, my parents had unlimited quota of awesome stationery from their workplaces. My home was home to never ending, high quality stationery from Faber Castell, Hero, Parker, Cross and so on. Then there was my uncle who used to and still is in Merchant Navy. By the time he completed 30 years of his life, he had traveled almost the whole world. And the one thing he used to get me was stationery besides clothes. I remember once he had bought a beautiful pencil pouch which had an aquarium on its outside. There were fake fish and real water! There were some not-so-nice souls in my class who couldn’t handle the master-piece. The result: When I came back after PT, it was cruelly cut with a blade and the pouch was no where near what it used to look like earlier. Lesson learnt…I never took expensive and exclusive stationery to school thereafter.

Maybe because of all the stationery I grew up with, I love them to the core even today. I have felt my mouth water when I see good stuff.

It was during graduation and post graduation, when there was too much writing, that I shifted over to pens which were between 5-10 bucks. It had to be good but cheap. So I shifted gears to cheaper pens, but I used to always look out for colourful pens. During post-grad, my bestie and I used to hunt all the stationery to get hold of pretty looking pens which wrote well. Trust me, it was fun!

After those days, I never really needed a lot of pens. But recently when I got back to teaching, I re-started writing A LOT. I mean…a lot! There have been times, when I have gobbled up 1 pen within a week. Soon, my entire stock of pens got over. (Yeah…I have STOCK of pens)

And that is when I decided to shop for pens again. The first thought which came to my mind was that I needed colourful pens. Because, we are supposed to use only blue or black colour for checking, the ink had to be blue but the outside colour had to pretty. I decided to ransack Flipkart. (Obviously) But sadly couldn’t find colourful pens.

Today, being a holiday I was out running a few errands, and remembered to buy coconut from the local small grocery shop. I tried my luck and asked whether he had pens, and he produced a counter full of ball point pens. It did not matter that A and N were screaming for lollipops and chocolates. It did not matter that my mother was waiting in the car for like 15 minutes. All I saw was colours in every colour.

                                             MY LOOT: I spent a whole 30 bucks on them!!!

There are a lot more in the shop, and I know where to go when I want pens now. Oh BTW, Happy Janmashtami! 😀

Signature in making – Blogathon Post 25

26th August 2013
I am
wondering how very simple incidents take us back into the past lanes and bring
back very fond memories.
one of my 1st graders showed me her art book, in which alongside her
beautiful drawing was a signature. No, not that of her art teacher or her
parents. It was her classmate, a boy of 6 years. It was a ‘maturely’ written
name, with a line drawn underneath it, all done with a pen. I looked at the
young guy staring at me intently (maybe waiting to hear a bashing). I was all
smiles within my heart, but a teacher sometimes cannot smile where she is
waiting to break into laughter. He immediately said, “Maam, this is an old
sign. I don’t do it anymore.” I said ok and left it there.
later when I thought about it, it took me back to my childhood days when I was
all excited to even consider that I would have my own signature like ADULTS! I
must have been in 8th or maybe younger when I used to practise
making my own signature all the time.
It was everywhere. My notebooks, back of the textbooks, the dictionary, rough
notebooks had marks of my creativity trying to get the right signature.
As a
little girl, I used to love watching my teachers, the way they walked, talked,
corrected the notebooks and ofcourse signed them. I used to imitate them at home
and checking the notebooks of the previous academic year with red pens. I
wonder what sadistic pleasure I used to get when I used cross all the answers
and write: Poor! And then obviously
sign it. The high of using a red pen was ultimate.

when my 6 year old student tries to sign and give me the cutest of the smirk, I
know it is all a part of growing up. Been there…done that.