A beginning called a weekend

I have been guilty, very guilty of making myself available for social media a tad too much. Instant messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, more than socializing, its been more about doing a complete overtake on my much precious time. There will be a post soon on my life as a teacher, and how my one day is spent being a teacher. Later about that.

So when I saw that this would be a weekend where I can kick start a little something to get my life on track, I grabbed it with both my hands and a huge heart. And what a lovely lovely weekend! Here is a glimpse 🙂
I went offline from Whatsapp. Sent out a status update that I would be off for the next 48 hrs. I went a step ahead and promised myself that I would not use wi fi or mobile internet. It was the lightest feeling I have felt in days. A little disconnect results in a lot of right connection. That is what happened with me. I read 2 books and then slept off at 9:15. In the past, I have decided n number of times to sleep off at 9, but never managed to. Chats, Facebook, and online reading would take away my time and before I knew it, it would be 11 pm. 

We attended the Petit Infoscion Day. Its an event organised by Infosys for the kids of their employees. Needless to say, it was a stupendous event with over 20,000 guests.

As soon as we entered, the kids got this super cute badges. N wore it like a soldier!

Now, we have got goodie bags before too, but the ones kids received from Infy was too good. A declared that he officially loves Infosys. I heard N asking M whether he gets goodie bags like these everyday at work. Hmmm.
I have to gently remind here again that I DID take a lot of pics on my cell, but DID NOT upload it on FB or send it on whatsapp to anyone. Kuddos!

A whole lot of games, yummm food, magic, dance, music and hell lot of walking was what followed.

We were back by 6 in the evening and followed by a quiet dinner and again slept by 9 pm 🙂 Yayyy


A super easy morning, with nothing to do in the morning. Remember, internet was off. I read for a while, and caught up with some school work. At 12 pm, I was lying on bed, staring the ceiling thinking… Crap! I have nothing much to do. And very quickly added…. Yesss! I have nothing much to do. Here I have to admit, I got a little enticement of switching on the internet and removing the Whatsapp ban, but but but… I did not give in.
Evening, we had A’s piano recital. Went for it. Saw a lot of budding musicians (age group of 4 – 11) and people of my age and above who are doing that extra bit to live life a little bit more. I smiled as they performed small pieces of their instruments.

I am here sitting and blogging at 10 pm, Whatsapp has been brought back. I had 367 messages when I logged in! But somewhere in my heart I know that this little stringent practice that I have kick started is here to stay. With it came a weekend which was well worth the initial tug at my heart on Friday evening. I am very glad I took the plunge. To many more to come… ting- ting!

Kindle your way to paperless reading.

I love books, but I was not a book lover always. I had a girl in my class during school days. Let’s call her V. V used to read books….like all the time! Her book used to be fat. I used to look at her and wonder how? How does someone read a book like that? I would rather play basketball.

And then one day in 8th grade, a new English teacher came in. As cheesy as it sounds, she was like a breath of fresh air. While other teachers taught us a subject, she made us feel that English was a person. Someone who could talk, walk, cry and laugh. I picked up my first book to impress her. To make myself more useful in her class, to contribute and make myself visible. She soon left the next year, but English remained with me forever, Book never left me after that. Till then books for me where limited to just comics. Soon, I picked up ‘fat’ books. My parents stared at me as I told them in 9th grade that I wanted Anna Karenina as my birthday gift. I never could complete it, but I picked up many books after that. I completed each one of it.

During the cold winter season of Delhi, I would cover myself from head to toe under the razai and use a torch to read a book. I used to hate eating lunch alone after coming back from school. My grandma used to sit with me to chat so that I would eat. Now she could sleep while I read a book as I ate. There is a very interesting anecdote too. Apparently, M was in London for an assignment even before we had met, While returning to India, one of his colleagues invited him home for a send off party. At her home, he saw a huge cardboard box full of books, which she had planned to give away. For some strange reason, he brought the entire carton to India. (He never used to read at that point of time.) Stranger were his thoughts. He felt that he will soon get married and maybe his wife would be a reader!! Needless to say, I spent the initial few months of our marriage devouring those books.

I kept reading, and the number of books kept on increasing. I began building shelves in my home to accommodate these books. Though my love for books has been increasing ever since, the cleanliness freak in me got bugged. The dust the books collected, the lack of space and the number of cartons I began to pile up began to increase. Then one day, I decided to buy a Kindle. I told myself to look beyond the yumm smell of a new book, and the feel good factor of holding real pages. It’s been about a year that I have been reading on my Kindle. I have a Kindle Paperwhite (wi-fi + 3G) and its an absolute delight, Since then I have also made a few crazy readers like me shift to Kindle.

The best thing that happened was last week, I decided to let go of all the books I have. I donated over 125 books to 2 libraries. One of the library owners called me up and told me recently how much the books I donated are read and appreciated. My job as a book lover is done. If you love something, it must be shared with others too. My love for books has reached out to many. My helper is happy, she now dusts just a few books which I just cannot give away. (Too much of sentimental value!)

I don’t have to think about M sleeping next to me while I read without having to switch on lights, or the fact that sometimes I sit and read in my balcony late evenings. Moonlight, cool wind, me and Kindle. Cheers!