Subha Manoj

While I Was Away

A comma called Corona

I picture Will Smith walking with his dog in I am Legend, and brush off the thought in a jiffy. And then crazily, a thought meanders into my head, ‘Is this how the world will end?’ I tell this to my friend, and she says, ‘No way!’ She also asks me to not be scared. Although right now I am not scared, but you know what…Humans should be scared, very scared. Nature is shifting base, from being Mother Nature to just Nature. How much will she give anyway to the most egoistic, selfish and unempathetic species of all?

Look at the chain of events, and tell me what is superior about us? All it took is a virus tinier than a speck of dust to bring us down to our knees. And yet we are arrogant enough to over use, exploit and shamelessly lap up nature’s bounty. Call me a fanatic, but I feel humans will not learn. We have gone past that stage when realisations could have taken place. We have grown beyond and more. It is not we who create businesses anymore, it is the other way round.

Look at us. I am seeing people gasping for air as they are asked to stay at home. It’s full throttle as people just do not know how to stand still. They cannot contain themselves from eating out, shopping, pubbing, socialising and commuting. (To hell with govt orders, we are humans, you see!) And I am wondering what a long cynical way we have come. How did we, about two decades back, manage to stay happy with the local grocery stores, watch the same songs on the television, listen to radio and sit with family over cups of tea and playing cards? Yes yes, I know, times have changed. I know, now we have become incapable of finding happiness in small ways, the utter adrenaline rush of achieving and need for appreciation has taken over us. We can try justifying the present times with all our might, because it takes a lot of guts to say, ‘Yes, I have erred.’ But anyway, nature doesn’t care anymore.

Yes, we will fight this together. We will overcome this period of disease, there will be a brighter day when we will be able to shake hands instead of the boring namaste, and we will leave this behind with a deep sigh of relief. And soon, we will go back to the over crowded roads, over polluted air and over using of resources. Don’t worry, it won’t take long for us to take thoughtless print outs, wasting food and water, build expensive homes over lakes, have lavish weddings and buy clothes when we are bored.

This is what we are, and this is what we are best at. So, sit back and relax. This is just a comma, not a full stop. We will be fine soon.

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