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Subha Manoj

A peek into post exams celebration at our home.

Tuesday was A’s last day of the exam. I really cannot tell who was more excited, he or me. Better half asked me to take a chill pill and not dance around like a crazy monkey. What does he know? He is not the one who teaches A. Like Rachel said to Ross in FRIENDS (It was a scene where he is giving her gyan about being pregnant): “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION MR.!!!”, I said to my husband, “NO TEACHING, NO PREACHING!!!”

Before leaving for work I told dear husband to get some pastries while returning home. He asked why. I said “It is a ritual that our household will follow now on. (Now that atleast one kid has started with exams.) After every exams get over, we have to celebrate by eating pastries.”

“Where does that come from??” asked my zapped husband.

“It comes from my father. He used to get pastries from Nehru Place, Delhi every time my exams got over.” I said, going back to good ol’ Delhi days.

While I am at it, let me share that it used to be pineapple pastries every single time, for no apparent reason. Or it could be because no one is my family was a chocolate fan.

Anyway the pastries did arrive. The mother of all – Death by Chocolate for hubs, choco chip for me and black currant for the kids.

After dinner, we were relishing on it. Now, I have to tell everyone this. To watch each one of us eat pastries is a time pass in itself.

N and Hubs will just take a deep breath and the pastry will vanish. Yeah, that fast! A and I can finish a pastry in like forever. Yeah, that slow! We will lick the pastry cover first, and then the pastry sheet lining, then the knife with which the pastry was served (Ya, I can risk my life for that last bit of cream on the knife) and then finally start eating the pastry.

Now things get complicated. Every spoonful (actually it is lesser than a quarter-full of a spoon) is eaten excruciatingly slow so that it is relished like the last bite left on this earth. Once the pastry gets finished in about 45 minutes, the cherry and the toffee bar on the pastry (if any) is further consumed in about 20 minutes. Add another 10 minutes to lick the plate clean.

By then N had gone off for her beauty sleep and better half was done with all the staring, commenting, making fun, ‘give-me-also-one-bite’ dialogues, reading couple of pages of his book, watched a bit of TV and even brushed his teeth.

Finally, the chore is done with. Mother-son duo finally finish their respective pastries. Now you must be curious to know who finishes the last between A and me. Even if you are not, I am going to tell you anyway. But obvious, yours truly. After all, I am the one who nurtured him inside me for ten months and went through the bloody labour pains! So, I better be better than him. (Me grinning wickedly)

So much for a pastry party after exams! 

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