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Subha Manoj

A beginning called a weekend

I have been guilty, very guilty of making myself available for social media a tad too much. Instant messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, more than socializing, its been more about doing a complete overtake on my much precious time. There will be a post soon on my life as a teacher, and how my one day is spent being a teacher. Later about that.

So when I saw that this would be a weekend where I can kick start a little something to get my life on track, I grabbed it with both my hands and a huge heart. And what a lovely lovely weekend! Here is a glimpse 🙂
I went offline from Whatsapp. Sent out a status update that I would be off for the next 48 hrs. I went a step ahead and promised myself that I would not use wi fi or mobile internet. It was the lightest feeling I have felt in days. A little disconnect results in a lot of right connection. That is what happened with me. I read 2 books and then slept off at 9:15. In the past, I have decided n number of times to sleep off at 9, but never managed to. Chats, Facebook, and online reading would take away my time and before I knew it, it would be 11 pm. 

We attended the Petit Infoscion Day. Its an event organised by Infosys for the kids of their employees. Needless to say, it was a stupendous event with over 20,000 guests.

As soon as we entered, the kids got this super cute badges. N wore it like a soldier!

Now, we have got goodie bags before too, but the ones kids received from Infy was too good. A declared that he officially loves Infosys. I heard N asking M whether he gets goodie bags like these everyday at work. Hmmm.
I have to gently remind here again that I DID take a lot of pics on my cell, but DID NOT upload it on FB or send it on whatsapp to anyone. Kuddos!

A whole lot of games, yummm food, magic, dance, music and hell lot of walking was what followed.

We were back by 6 in the evening and followed by a quiet dinner and again slept by 9 pm 🙂 Yayyy


A super easy morning, with nothing to do in the morning. Remember, internet was off. I read for a while, and caught up with some school work. At 12 pm, I was lying on bed, staring the ceiling thinking… Crap! I have nothing much to do. And very quickly added…. Yesss! I have nothing much to do. Here I have to admit, I got a little enticement of switching on the internet and removing the Whatsapp ban, but but but… I did not give in.
Evening, we had A’s piano recital. Went for it. Saw a lot of budding musicians (age group of 4 – 11) and people of my age and above who are doing that extra bit to live life a little bit more. I smiled as they performed small pieces of their instruments.

I am here sitting and blogging at 10 pm, Whatsapp has been brought back. I had 367 messages when I logged in! But somewhere in my heart I know that this little stringent practice that I have kick started is here to stay. With it came a weekend which was well worth the initial tug at my heart on Friday evening. I am very glad I took the plunge. To many more to come… ting- ting!

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