Being a teacher – Blogathon – Post 11

Today I complete 3 months into teaching. Actually 3 months of come back into teaching. After teaching for 3 years from 2006-2009, I had taken a sabbatical for 2.5 years for N.

Last year, because of unfortunate circumstances owing to a few health issues, I had to step down from a recently joined teaching position. The whole of last year was spent in taking care of myself and building a positive mind set. A few lovely friends kept up my spirits and asked me to believe in myself and power of positive thinking. And that is exactly what I did. And here I am.

Teaching is not new to me. I left my corporate career and accidentally stumbled upon teaching in a coaching institute. The experience was so fulfilling that after every class when I returned home, M used to say that my face glowed. I am sure he was not goofing around.

Today I do not teach high school and under-grads like I used to before. I have shifted base to primary school. The kids fill my heart with love and affection every single day. The other day I was telling M that even after excruciatingly busy mornings, or bickering with everyone at home on a late morning or having an almost incomplete bath, how much ever I am in a sulky mood, the moment I reach my school gate, something snaps inside me. It is like a switch getting on inside me and I am all pepped up.

Infact, today I woke up with an allergic eye. (The long drive back to Bangalore from Ooty was not kind on my sensitive eyes.) I almost had made up my mind to take an off, but somehow school kept pulling me towards it. I managed to finish all my morning chores and sent the kids off to school. Later, when I checked my eyes, it was so much better! I had not even used any medication. That is when you realise that you have chosen the right job. 🙂

As if on a cue, today was the Independence Day speech competition at school. One of my very special students spoke so well that the room thundered with claps and appreciation. It brought tears to my eyes. It struck me that as a teacher, I am building this child’s (and many other children’s) foundation for the future. What I can do for them is something no one else can. I can teach them to be fearless and confident. I can teach them good and bad. I can tickle them, love them and pamper them, yet reprimand them and correct them when they make mistakes…just like a MOTHER. Which other job in this world can be equally satisfying and soul fulfilling than this? None…none at all. 

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