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While I Was Away

Subha Manoj

Category: Fibs and Fables

The Married Man

‘I will be leaving for Nagpur tomorrow. And unlike last time, don’t pack too many shirts. You know I will be back in two days. And how many times do I have to tell you to keep the newspaper in Read more…

The washroom akka

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A cup of kadak chai

As if the cold winds blowing angrily in this particular evening was not enough, a distinct yet subtle coldness prevailed amongst the two sisters. Neither of them knew what to speak, or whether to speak to each other. A year Read more…

The Jacket And The Hat

The sun was slowly peeking through the light grey clouds. It seemed as if the weather was on a mission. The sun and the cloud were its weapons. Together, they seemed innocent and calm. That was the evilness of it Read more…

Between you and me

Maria looked around her. Every object in her home seemed to mock her. We are all one, barring you. Go find someone of your kind, they seemed to say. Maria kept her mouth on the pillow and pushed it towards Read more…

A nobody

Amrita shut her eyes for a while. She asked her driver to play Robert Miles. Her heart was racing and she could feel a tremor in her hands. She felt emptiness crawling through her stomach, almost gagging her throat. The Read more…