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Subha Manoj

Dear Throat….

I did it!!….I proved it to everyone around me, and now it’s official. Last evening, my ENT specialist broke the verdict to me: “YOU ARE HAVING A VOICE STRESS. I GUESS YOU SHOULD GIVE YOUR VOICE AND THROAT SOME REST. SPEAK LESS.”
Neither my husband nor I took it as a surprise, but yeah receiving medical opinion for my talking, hmmm, well now that’s truly an achievement, so to speak. Coming down the stairs of the doctor’s office, my husband looked at me, and started smiling, and then it changed into a smirk. “Even your throat is fed up of your talking. Maybe you should take just shut up, or better, you can do a ‘Maun Vrat’ for a few days.” Not that I wanted say something in return, but I opted to be a good patient who listens to the doctor, so I simply stared at him.
Walking towards the car, my son started his usual string of questions. It went something like this:
Son: “Amma, what’s that?”
Me(in a low tone): “That’s a road roller.”
Son: “What does it do?”
Me (in a little high tone): It makes the road smooth.”
Son: “Why?”
Me (Looking at Papa who is not even listening to the questions): “So that we can drive our car on the road.”
Son: “Why?”
Me: No response.
Son: “Amma, Why?!”
Me: No response
Son: “Ammmmmmma!!!!”
Papa (with the very same smirk): “Baby, Amma is supposed to talk less. Come let me tell you about the road roller.”
My son happily went to his Papa, giving me an unhappy glare.
Once home, my husband declared that his skin ointment is over, and though he is supposed to use it for one month, he has not used it for the past three days. I freak out, and call up the medical store. They did not have the stock, and then I call up another medical store, and ordered for it. I asked my husband how come he is not worried so much about his own medicines, and I am? He replied, “I don’t know, maybe because you take such good care of me. By the way, don’t get pissed off. You should speak less.”
After about fifteen minutes, my mom called and spoke for another fifteen minutes with me. I dare not tell her that I cannot speak to her; else all hell will break loose! I kept the phone down, and started massaging my throat area, and my husband noticing that said, “You should have not talked that much.”
Okay…Point taken….Grrrrr.
At the dinner table, we sat down to eat, and husband darling forgot to get the water and salad, which he usually does. If you ask me why? I would say, because I did not ask him to get it, like every other day. Remember, I should not talk much.
After dinner it is ‘fruits time’ in our house. So, I kept talking continuously for another fifteen minutes so that my son finishes his bowl of fruits. When I asked my husband why he couldn’t tell some story to our son and give him the fruits, he says, “Well, aren’t you the one proficient in talking?”
Looking at me getting despaired, my husband suggested that today he would tell our son the bedtime story and put him to sleep. I freaked out with happiness, and in the process shrieked a bit.
After watching TV for a while, I entered the bedroom as slowly as possible, so that my sleeping son does not wake up. As soon as I turned towards my bed, I saw a small figure standing beside me. I switched on the light, and there stood my son, “Tell me your story. It is better than Papa’s”
Well, another ten minutes of storytelling when I am should be talking less…Sigh….I don’t think my ENT really gets my life. I cannot survive without talking, so Dear Throat, Please take good care and don’t give up on me 🙂

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