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Subha Manoj

Growing up is fun, Amma!

my son has done something which I did while I was in 12th grade.
years back, when I was in 12th grade I got my first much awaited
chance to go for my bestie’s birthday party directly from school. It was a big
thing during those days. My friend and I had to beg, cry and create a huge
drama to let my parents give the permission to go directly to her house after
school for her birthday. Atlast my parents agreed when my friend said that she
will call off her party if I do not come. Aaah! And what a party it was. It was scandalizing though we did nothing close to a scandal, but the mazza of it was just unmentionable.
then there comes my 7 year old with a birthday party invitation last Friday. It
was his best friend’s birthday invitation. I looked at the address and said, “But
this is far from our home. I think you will have to skip it. It is a weekday
too. By the time you and I reach back home after school, it will get late.”
immediate (read…well planned) response was:
ok. Agastya told me that I can go with him. His mother (who happens to be their
Maths teacher too) will take me from school to their home by car. Can Papa pick
me up by 7pm? Is Agastya’s house on his way back home.”
I was
left dumbstruck by all the planning the boys had done. But he had a point. M
could very well come by that way and pick him up. I called up his teacher and
she said she would be more than happy to work this out. M also was cool about
it. Well, then who am I to be the spoil-sport?
it. Last night, A and I spent ten minutes together where I told him clear
instructions about what he should do and shouldn’t do. After all the serious
talk, my big grown up 7 year old says, “But I have confusion.” I was all ears.
What was that, I asked.
I am at his house, what should call his mother? Aunty or Maam?”
when I reminded myself that after all he is just a 7 year old, trying to spread
his wings, trying to fly. In the process he might act cool and all, but at the
end there are still confusions like that!
morning he left with his school bag and an extra bag with a change of clothes
and a gift in tow. When I spoke to him couple of hours back he sounded pretty
fine and excited. And he says, “Oops, Amma! I forgot to wash my hands. You
had told me right? I will do it right away ok.”

Shona.” I said and smiled. 

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  • Of course this is not an emotional post. But it made my eyes well up. Why? really can't say. Maybe because I love Ani. 🙂 There is a favourite part of mine in each post of yours. So here it is from this post .. "In the process he might act cool and all, but at the end there are still confusions like that!" I loved it ! 🙂 Missed your posts

  • any love left for me between the two of you then can I please have it 😉 okthankyouverymuch 😀 Oh Subha…I hate repeating myself but what to do? Brilliant post as usual… yup these kids are growing up so soon and it's so nice to hear their questions and points na 🙂

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