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Past one week has been the “shopaholic-week”. I have been shopping shopping and just shopping, only for myself. I have been splurging…well, lets just say…A HELL LOT! I shopped for clothes, footwear, bags, jewellery, cosmetics, netbook, iPad and good food. I should have been happy…just blissfully happy. Did I mention that my birthday is coming up? Aaaah, who am I kidding?!

But women, I feel, come on this earth with a few extra emotions (which I swear, we can do without). The worst of these emotions is GUILT. (Did I just hear trumpets blowing and bells ringing?) To say the least I was riding pretty high on this particular emotion. Every time the credit card got swiped, and I signed the slip, GUILT made its grand entry. As I arranged the new purchases in its order, GUILT gave me a side-long glance, and did I just hear it say ‘tch-tch-tch’? I think I just saw Flipkart and Guilt shouting cuss at each other, Guilt showed a middle finger and Flipkart showed two. And I wanted to run for cover.

And then God showed mercy on me and the schools re-opened today. Getting up at 5:45 was in itself a pain. You do know the feeling of having to get up from a warm bed and blanket when it is foggy outside, right? It is killing! And then making a 7 year old get ready on time, when he wants to play games on the iPad for just 5 minutes, is really not a cakewalk. And then there is the button which refuses to unbutton, an unbuttoned button which refuses to button, a tie (which has been knotted the night before) which refuses to go down the head, breakfast which is either very hot or very cold and body lotion bottle which ensures to get hidden somewhere. Meanwhile I am resisting the urge to take a peek in the loo!

No, no…it does not get over yet. There is a 2.5 year old too, who wants to keep hugging because she is sleepy, wants to talk to the picture of the monkey on her T-shirt instead of drinking milk, potty refuses to come and wants to wear a bindi just when I am juggling between making dosas, heating milk, making rotis, taking the dal off the heat, preparing tadka for coconut chutney and dal, packing 3 lunch boxes, 1 snack box and 1 breakfast box, making salad. Please excuse if I have missed out on anything.

Just when you thought it has got over, dearest husband wants to talk to me about his razor not working and not able to find matching clothes to work.

Finally, it was 7:45 am, and my son was off to school, husband was having breakfast, I could finally make the much required visit to the loo and daughter was still not looking quite in a mood. I managed to sit down with a warm cup of milk and warm milk quenched not just my dry throat and raging tummy, but also GUILT. Yayyyy! And I declared to my husband, “I so deserve all the things I bought for myself. Guilt can go and fly a kite”

Finally, my daughter also left for school and husband for work. And here I am with my laptop. The washing machine is buzzing to tell me to pick up the washed clothes, the milk packets have to be boiled, the kitchen looks like a war zone, I look worse, but what the hell! The guilt is nowhere to be seen, and did I just realise I need to do some shopping for the home as well. Aaaah, bring it on…I say.

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