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Subha Manoj

Gurubhyo Namah :)

A much delayed post.
Well, there is a reason. I recently got back to the first love of my life: Teaching. And boy…its going great! After a sabbatical of 4 years from teaching, this is a much welcomed come back. 🙂

First things first, people who feel teaching is the easiest thing to do really do not know what on the earth they are talking about. The ever common statement I have heard goes something like this, “Anyone can teach.” Oh yeah…anyone can teach, just like anyone can fly a plane.

My typical day at school begins at 8:30 when I arrange my stationery for the day and prepare myself for the time table ahead. While I am doing this atleast ten of my students are talking to me….ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 🙂
There is lesson plan preparation, resource planning, activity planning, prepare student registers and ofcourse maintain it too. Almost forgot the school club, house activities…oops.
Ofcourse I teach too, so that takes another couple of hours.
Lets not forget my extended family, my students.

While I am doing all the above there comes moments when a particularly hungry kid refuses to write because he wants to finish his snack. When I asked this first grader whether he will write at home, if he is unable to finish writing in class, in a very no-nonsensical tone says, “No, I will not write here. I will not write at home. I will write in the forest.” And he gets back to eating while I really don’t know what to say. Stupidly, I ask, “Huh? What?? Forest???” And he looks up to me…yeah, in the same no-nonsensical manner and says, “Yes, forest. JUNGLE.” Just in case, I did not understand what a forest means.
There is also times when a 2nd grader who has particularly to-die-for dimples, flashes them left right and centre when I am in the crappiest mood. And says, “See maam, my dimples. They are cute na?” OMG!

Let’s not forget the times when the class has just begun its momentum and there are URGENT loo moments. Yup, the ones in which the legs are awkwardly pulled in. Run baby Run!
I have no idea what to do when a child has gone that extra mile to get a perfectly sharpened pencil…well, the end result is a new pencil turning into a 3-inch one. Oh my….

And then people say, teaching can be done by everyone. Could you please go fly a kite…while I become awesome at teaching?
Thank you very much.

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