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Chetan Bhagat vs SAHM

I came across one of the almost recent articles by Chetan Bhagat in TOI yet again, and this time I just could not stop myself from speaking my mind about it. You can read it here.

If Chetan Bhagat was in front of me, I would have asked him, which ancient world is he living in? I found his words very one sided and  coming from old books. And frankly when will the world stop demarcating women under 2 heads : Career women / SAHMs? Can you just let us be, for heaven’s sake!

Whether the hero in the movie Cocktail went in for a Bhartiya Naari or not or whether the heroine decided to learn to cook for the love of her life is just the story writer’s version. Well, thats Bollywood. I fail to understand how does the movie affect the age old dilemma of Career woman Vs SAHM. Whether a woman chooses to be a SAHM or carry on with her job, isn’t that her decision? Where the heck does a man come into picture? Men O’ Men….they think they have to everywhere…(chuckle…chuckle)

Being a woman who has had a career, switched careers and also been (and now again) a SAHM, I can safely say it does not matter whether a woman is working (or not) to have a sensible discussion with her husband regrading his career or managing finance or raising independent children or understand Mutual Funds or deciding holiday destinations (now where do that come from, Mr Bhagat?!) or better exposure to the worldly ways.

And seriously one does not need a job to know what is a good investment or the new holiday destination. There is internet, newspapers and books for that. A working mother does not ensure independent kids. My 6 yr old chooses his own clothes, wears his own shoes, puts his clothes for laundry, organises his room. And my 2 yr old is following his foot steps. Its all about how you want to raise your kids. A job does not necessarily give fulfillment. What are hobbies, friends, interests for?

Yes, it does ensure a second income which translates into safer financial standing, but that can be achieved by better investment planning and then again, it depends upon what kind of family one wants.

I was left LOL reading the bridge which was created between a wife having a career and hot phulkas. Oh my, then I remembered that’s what good writers do. They can think anything and everything.

You know what is high time for? It’s high time for the male brains to think that a woman is a human being, just like them, but with far more emotional responsibilities and physical monstrous strength. (Yeah, try giving birth, and you will know!) There is no need to categorise us and further add fuel to the raging fire of SAHM vs Career woman. Don’t marry us because we have a job (or not). Let love, common interests, same wavelength be the reason.

The article is certainly a far away throw on Home truths on career wives. Sad….and sadder that many men are actually reading it…

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