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While I Was Away

Subha Manoj

I have been outsmarted.

I have been proved wrong…by myself! After a long weekend of 4 days, when last Wednesday I kept N’s lunch bag in her bag, I noticed her alphabet practice workbook. I casually took it out and to my utter dismay found that the self proclaimed awesome mother has not helped her daughter with homework since 20/12/2013 !!!!!! The many pages had a not-so-discreet ‘?’ written. I just felt like becoming invisible.

What else could I do now? I couldn’t have sent the workbook yet again. So, I kept it aside promising myself that I would help my 3.5 year old complete about 7-8 worksheets at one go, later that evening. Bad mommy! 
Anyway, after my little girl came back after her play time, we sat with her box of colours and worksheets. A had nothing much to do, so he joined the ‘project work’ too. I was cooking alongside, and had to keep checking on the food. Atlast, A said, “Could you please do one thing at a time?” (Yeah…my son said that to me.) I just looked at him, and he further added, “It’s ok. You cook, I will teach her.” (Yeah…my son said that too to me.)

(When I peeped from the kitchen, the scene was this ^^)
After ten minutes, the output was this:

Yup! All done. This was the last worksheet. 
I heard N asking A, “Are you my maam?”
In response, I heard A telling N, “Will you stop talking and do your homework? There is more to do. Now keep quiet.”

I guess, my work is done here. 

One more reason to add to my kitty of “More reasons to have 2 kids”. Thank God, I say!

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