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While I Was Away

Subha Manoj

It is not that bad, right?

This post has less to do with any topic but more to do with me. I have been away for a long time. (A month, I guess.) The family bug had bitten me very bad, and not in a good way too. Allergies for my younger one, one missed week of school, viral fever for me, exam time coming up for sonny and a few other family commitments took a toll on my blogging and sanity.

Hmmm, not happy…I say.

But nevertheless, I am back.

Sometimes I wonder whether things would have been easier if I was unmarried or without kids. I have friends who are in either of the category, and trust me, I see them having a much less stressed life. For starters, they can atleast come and have a cup of coffee or tea when they come back from a tiring outing, instead of having to attend to two cranky kids, heating up food, or cleaning up the mess in their rooms.

They can have a good night sleep without having to hear a 2.5 year old coughing away to not-so-good glory.  It is excruciatingly painful, not just to the ears but also to the heart.

They don’t have to worry about making a 7 yr old learn 6 chapters of EVS, the whole grammar book, 5 chapters of English, the whole Hindi book, and 7 chapters of Math for the final assessment. Oh ya, and also manage the Spell Bee Contest and the Piano classes.

If they have a hobby, they can pursue it without having to getting bothered about nebulisation, bad moods, I-don’t-want-to-eat days, 2 weeks of being stranded inside the house because the doctor advised against outings, sitting with your elder one with books even when you are PMSing or having a stuffy head and nose.

This is an average bad day for a mother. And then the first thing which suffers is blogging (in my case). Thankfully, reading does not, as I end up taking the books to the loo. (I swear, that’s the best place to read during these kind of days!)

But, like they say, nothing is permanent. Suddenly, things get better. The allergy comes down, my cold becomes manageable, sonny’s studies does not look like a Herculean task (because the entire syllabus has been covered once), husband takes over the Spell Bee part, sonny suddenly starts practicing Piano without having to be pestered.

It is a regular day. Kids off to school, the house is neat, my head is not stuffy anymore, husband is at work and the to-do list looks smaller. My sane head reminds me: It is after all good to have 2 beautiful kids and a darling husband. So what, if the head was throbbing for 3 days, but there were two sets of hands trying to fight around me, trying to apply balm and press my forehead. Moreover, the family magically decided that dal-rice is yummmm and there is no need for fish or chicken, the younger one says ‘thank you, Amma’ at the drop of the hat and the elder one decided to study all by himself.

And see, I blogged too. So, yayyy!

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