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Subha Manoj

It’s time for that change…high time

So life is all about taking decisions, making choices and living the consequences of these decisions and choices. Consequences both good and bad.

And then there are moments when one thinks, “Oh I wish I could undo what I chose or did.” But past is that chapter of our life which cannot be re-visited. But does that mean that we live with our mistakes or bad choices? Is it not possible that life is trying to give us a second chance by putting that very thought into our head?

So what stops us from giving ourselves a second chance? What makes us continue with the unhappy consequence?

What will people think?

They will call me a quitter.

It’s too much of work to re-work options!

My family will judge me, they will think I am crazy and stupid.

People will ask questions, and I will have to explain myself to everyone. 

Trust me, I have also been under situations when these questions have popped up in my head.

But God has blessed me with a few amazing people in my life, who told me to go ahead with my heart. And then I guess I love myself way too much to squash my heart for random people out there.

Having said that, it wasn’t easy for me. And it will never be easy for anyone else too. As human beings, we are led by many factors. Society, family, peer, spouse, relatives, parents…fear of being targeted. There is something comfortable about being in the oblivion, not being in the limelight and being a part of the crowd.

This is when you have to shake yourself hard, hard enough to remove the inhibitions, question your comfort zone and come out of it.

I taught myself to look a little ahead.

Will this matter when I turn 60? When I look back, will I think I should have taken that ONE step. Will I say to myself “had I taken that decision, it would have been topsy-turvy for a short while, but I would have been way much happier?”

Most of the times, I felt that all these factors don’t matter even 3 years down the line, forget about at being 60. There is a thin line between quitting and going in for a change. As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes, or choose a lesser viable option. And it is absolutely okay to take a rebound, leave what we had been doing and go in for something which truly gives us happiness.

People who talk, will anyway do so. No matter whether you do or not do anything. So are they really worth the time you spend thinking about them? And family and true friends stay, whether you screw or not.

Stop living a mistake, go ahead and give yourself the much needed another chance. The world will seem a much better place.

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