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Makara Sankrati with Rambo Circus

4 holidays…an extended weekend, and what a way to end it! CIRCUS indeed 🙂

I really felt our kids should watch it. I personally feel sometimes good ol’ fashioned way is the best way to have fun. You could read about it here, here and here. So, when the kids were evidently bored, I thought why not go back to the pre-malls era. One of my friends had mentioned about the Rambo Circus doing the rounds in Bangalore, and so we decided to hit the road.

The circus was/is being held at Magadi Road. We took the NICE road, and in about 1 hour we were at the venue. We had booked the tickets online from here. We bought the Rs. 300 tickets, but frankly the lesser budget ones are okay too, as there wasn’t any maddening rush. Anyway, we were seated in the first row. I would suggest to sit a little far coz it is easier to watch any performance which is on a higher height.

The show started at 4 pm and ended by 6 pm. I must say that the time management was perfect and there was a new performance every 5-10 minutes.

About the performance: 

Absolutely great! It was perfect and well rehearsed, obviously. But I did feel there could have been better safety practices. My jaws literally dropped during certain stunts! There was every possible performance, most were predictable. But then, it was a circus. I particularly liked an act in which a guy was drinking water and bringing it out after a minute in different forms and colours. Ya…sounds gross, but it was cool! He also swallowed a live fish and brought it out after a while. Yikesss….
The jokers were ok, and we felt they could be a lot more funnier.

About the experience:

A must for kids and anyone who hasn’t been to a circus. The kids loved it. A mostly was awestruck and I had to actually close his open mouth.
N enjoyed it too, and especially found the elephant “so cute!”

About the arrangement:

It was ok. There are a lot of refreshments which keep coming in to your seats. But the one big turn off for us was the dust. M and I are both allergic to dust and we had a tough time with the amount of dust sprawling all over the ground.

Taking pictures was a task as we could either watch the performance or take pictures. I chose the former. But still there were a few clicks:

A has been gaga about the circus since last evening. All his friends have been updated. N apparently forgot to tell her class teacher, and she seems pretty upset about it. She has promised herself that she will be talking about it tomorrow. Hmmm, that’s my girl!

If you want to know more about Rambo circus, do visit their website.

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  • Nice details. it was helpful for my preperations today.. especailly the "dust problems.. However we were lucky that there were no much dust issues. Thanks.

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