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New playmate for sonny!!

The morning was super hectic. I was thanking my stars that it was a holiday for my school. We had to attend the orientation programme in A’s school, then buy his books, stationery, school shoes for both A and N…in simple words, spend a lot of money on their education. Then there were some errands which had been pending for over two weeks, and today had to be the day when I wanted to tick off points off the the To-Do list on the white board kept in my kitchen. You have to see it on a Monday morning. The white board looks like a war zone. There will be things written in red marker, and then a few in blue marker and ofcourse a few in both red and blue markers…after all they are the most important of all, you see.

Anyway, the point is that we were all haggard looking by the time we reached home. A, especially was super tired or B-O-R-E-D in his words. N, obviously slept like a queen on her dad’s shoulders and then mine, while we were ransacking the shops for just the right bag, books, stationery and shoes.

He was walking here and there looking for something interesting to do. Now this is a very edgy situation for me. The moment he starts getting bored, I bear the brunt. “Amma, can you find something for me to do?” “Amma, what activity can I do now?” “Amma, are you even listening to me!!”

I ran for cover into the kitchen trying to keep my aching feet at bay and finding respite in cleaning a decently big cauliflower I bought today. And God bless! What I found was truly a blessing. Let me share a picture.

Yup! It’s a worm I found inside the cauliflower. Sonny was super excited to see it, and asked whether he cold play around with it. I said okay in a jiffy. Only one rule: Please don’t squash it!
See his face….:D

I have to say playing with slimy creatures like this one definitely is one way I think children can connect with other living things, or nature. It also puts away fear. This is coming from a person who really cannot put up with the sight of any reptile. Moi, the great gets all shaky and freaky.

The worm seems to be pretty content being ‘not’ mis-handled by a 7 year old.

And this is a shot taken by husband-ji. Yeah, even he got fascinated and came up with his super camera. 
And this is N. She was screaming every one minute, out of a mix emotion of over-drama + fear + excitement . She finally got tired of herself and sat in the corner of my kitchen while her brother was venturing out with nature. 

So this has been my Saturday like. So, next time when you find a worm inside a cauliflower, please invite your child to have a word with it. It will surely not be uninteresting. Whats-say? 🙂

9 Replies to “New playmate for sonny!!”

  • wow ! What a way to look at the not-so-good thing in the veggie. I like the way it turned into an entertainment for A. It certainly will stay with him for the rest of his life. These little things sit as fond memories in our heads na ! 🙂 Hugs to you for being a cool mom. I love the pics and write up.. so beautifully put together. 🙂

  • Thats so cute Subha. Can almost visualise the whole scene. And the pics say it all – love N's open-eyed expression and A's engrossed face. 🙂
    Have experienced something similar at my place too – my daughter put the worm in a container and named it 'Antony', took care of it for a day and then after much persuasion let it out on a tree.

  • Hay hello, it seems this was yr first experience. Anyways what is that stick like instrument. And I am sure Ani after seeing this worm in cauliflower, he may not eat this vegetable again.

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