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Oops! The ‘S’ word….!

Last Friday, it was a usual late evening. N had gone off to sleep. A was preparing for his Spell Bee competition ( he was on his Nth work sheet, refusing to stop!) and better half was eating dosas while I was preparing more for me.

I was my quirky self that evening. Maybe coz I could not stop raving about the fact that I was off for another round of clothes shopping the next day. (March has been officially declared the SHOPPING MONTH, my wardrobe is looking ooh-la-la.)

Disclaimer: When I am quirky, I forget the basic rules for what words to choose and which way to behave. (I am a good girl otherwise.)

So anyway, as I was saying, I had springs underneath my feet for no particular reason. I had the strangest desire to wear my hair in different styles, and lo! I came across a particularly fun way of clipping my hair. And out came from my mouth, “Hey Manu, isn’t this looking sexy?”

The dosa dropped from M’s mouth and then followed the jaw.

A stopped writing suddenly and with an open mouth looked at me. (A gentle reminder: He is 7 yrs old)

That’s when I realised….OOOPS!

Lately, our son has been getting exposed to new words in his vocabulary (read adult words), thanks to the big boys and girls who share the park with the little ones, and ofcourse dear old TV. Thankfully, he knows they are not so nice words.

Now you see, M and I do use ‘oh-now-that’s-a-bad-word’ words, but are very careful about using them in our private conversations and not in front of the kids. But that day, I had a bad excuse. I was being impulsive…my bad!

Then came the thunderbolt. .

“Did you just use the ‘S’ word?” A asked with the most aghast look on his face.

I have always seen actors having the dumbstruck look on their faces and constant stammering and inability to speak on TV, when cuaght off-guard, and used to always wonder that how does that even happen in real life. Idiots!

But apparently, it does.

I heard …’ummm…haaa….ummm…aaaa….ummmm’ coming from my mouth. Better half kept stuffing dosas on his mouth.

The second thunderbolt.

“How could you use the ‘S’ word, Amma?!”

I wanted to disappear into thin air. Finally, I was able to gather my marbles and managed to say, “I am sorry, Ani. I will keep in mind that I am not supposed to use the ‘S’ word.”

I strongly believe that it is always better to speak the truth in front of a child rather than beating around the bush. They are not as dumb as we think they are.

Thankfully it worked. A shrugged his shoulders and got back to his sheets. Better half finally finished off his date with dosas and got up to wash his hands. While I went back to eat my dinner, and sincerely hoping that I have not scarred my son for life. Ya, ok…now that just might have been a little too dramatic.

So much for a moment of quirkiness. Mothers are not entritled for that, I say!

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