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Ooty :) – Blogathon – Post 8

9th August 2013

day started at 4:45am for us and the kids woke with a jump-start at 5:15 am. We
were out by 5:40am (the exact time by our car’s clock). On the way, we stopped
at Kamath (Chennapatna) for breakfast.  Lovely breakfast, hygienic loo and
smiling waiters welcomed us.

best route to Ooty from Bangalore is Bangalore – Mysore – Gundlupet – Bandipur
– Ooty. The roads are good. You will get beautiful views of valleys, natural
water bodies, rustic villages and cool breeze. The speed will become
considerably low after Bandipur, as the ascent starts from here on.

(Around Gundlupet, you will see a whole lot of sunflower farms. While clicking
the pic, this guy came forward saying he is the owner of the farm and that he
wants money for allowing taking pictures of his beloved sunflowers. Of course,
we gave our warmest smile, asked him to smile for the picture and drove away.)

A drive through a village is something I love to do. People stopping and
talking in the middle of the roads. Bullock carts striding away to no hurry.
Smoke bellowing out of the chimneys’ of the houses. Children playing with tyres
and sticks. A life which relaxes you just by watching them.  The
children loved the drive. We let them roll the windows down, feel the fresh
air. After all, they were also on a holiday. Literally they had wind in the hair.

most memorable part of the journey for me was when we passed through the Bandipur
National Park. Honestly, I felt we could have planned a little better and
stayed in Bandipur resort, gone for the jungle safari for a day and then
resumed towards Ooty. Nevertheless, the jungle route was beautiful. I was awed
by the mere silence, greenery, the gushing noises of the natural streams of
water and occasional treat of beautiful deers, langurs and of course good old
wild monkeys. But we better behaved, after all we were guests in their home! It
humbled us completely.
last 2 hours of the drive did stretch a little bit. The kids began to get
restless. The roads were ok, apart from a small stretch between Bandipur and
Ooty. The mountain ascent could get a little clumsy on the stomach for the
sensitive ones. We were fine, but N got queasy and threw up twice. But it was
no worries at all.  The
beautiful views on the way made it all worth the discomfort.
thing about a drive to any destination is that you get to see another kind of
life as close as it gets. It humbles, enthralls and you feel what a different
life we lead from many other people.
did not stop for another of those tummy breaks but we did stop at couple of places for
clicking pics and generally stretching ourselves. We reached the resort at 1:45
pm, just in time for lunch. 
gets chilly during this time of the season. Especially it starts raining in the
evening. It is more of a mist fall. It makes a lot of sense to stay indoors
after 6pm. Do carry warm clothes. You may also experience a lot of internet
and mobile signal issues. A nice duration stay would be 3 nights and 4 days.
all, a lovely place to visit with family and friends, to sit back, relax and
sit cosy under a blanket, catching up movies with your loved ones with a cuppa
hot coffee or chocolate. Ummmm J

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