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Subha Manoj

A sincere apology

Dear “Me”….

I would like to sincerely apologise to you, for not giving you the kind of attention which you truly deserve. You are a great mother, an amazing wife, a good human being, and an awesome friend. Still I have not appreciated you enough. You deserve more than a pat on the back. You deserve a whole lot of peace of mind and pampering, which I took away from you. I have been unnecessarily hard on you…but I promise I will change the perspective. I promise to uncomplicate things, look at the brighter side, not make you feel guilty when you have a bad day, be easy on you and love you very very much.
Even after being a mother to 2 kids, I know that there is this little girl in you who loves to fly, dream big and reach a destination which is awe-stricken! I promise I will let you dream…dream so much and dream so strong that every element in this world will come together to make it come true. I am aware how much you have kept your dreams aside, and how much you have compromised with the many things which your heart wanted to do, but your head stopped you just before you could take that big leap. (Silly head!…I must say)
So now…just go ahead, I support you with all my will and might….with all my love and support…with all my prayers and positivity. Look at the brighter side of everything. Show a big “YOU HAVE NO SPACE HERE!!” board to every negative person and moment. Grow beautiful and lovely from within and outside. Feel blessed and thankful completely for your family, your beautiful home, Facebook, Orkut, your friends and all the material possessions you have. Show the middle finger to all the negative people and “I dont think you can do it” attitude.
Its amazing how you do it…how you gave birth to 2 amazing kids, how you love your husband so much, how you maintain such a beautiful home, how you adjusted so well to the many changes which came into your life all at once and how much you think for your family. And I like a fool, failed to see all this, and just kept you going like a machine, without realising that even a machine slows down without a little oiling, a little cleaning, a little maintenance. But you are a woman…the epitome of hard work and love.
So here it is….with open arms I hug you and ask you to forgive me. I love you…I will be easy on you. I will pamper you and let you fly towards your dreams….

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  • Hi Subha, Manoj shared the link to your blog (i work with him at EY) and i must say i enjoyed reading a few of your blogs, definitely going to come back for more (when Manoj let's me have some more free time)! Jokes apart, i really like the way you write… from the heart, the best kind of writing there is. it's good stuff… Keep it coming 🙂

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