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Some things never change :) – Blogathon- Post 27

29th August 2013
Do you remember the orange ice lollies we used to have as children. I have very fond memories of those. It used to have 2 sticks attached to it, and we used to very generously break the ice-candy into 2 pieces and share it with our friends.  
The same went with lollipops and sweet candies. I remember an incident from school, when one of my friends was eating a red coloured candy in English class. Our teacher used hate anyone eating candies and  scold very badly if someone was caught. So, she came near my friend and asked whether she had a candy in her mouth, and obviously she blankly refused. She was then asked to show her tongue, and out came a bloody-red coloured tongue. It is needless to say that she got the scolding of the lifetime. But that never stopped her or the rest of us from eating our favourite cheap candies. They used to cost 25 paise for 4. Oh my!
The other day, I saw a big bump inside the right cheek of my 1st grader. Ofcourse, he had a chocolate in his mouth. When I asked him whether he had a chocolate in his mouth, he answered negatively, staring at me with his eyes wide open. The funniest part was I could see him trying to hide the bump in his cheek and moving the chocolate in his mouth. I asked him to quickly finish off his chocolate. The speed in which he chewed the toffee was worth watching!
The same day, I clicked this pic of N, enjoying her lollipop. She was giggling away to glory as she showed off her red tongue. 

These are the times when I think childhood is the same: Then and now. 

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