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Subha Manoj

Special request from sonny!

The other day while we were at N’s annual function at school, all the guests were handed a sheet with the programme gist. I whispered slowly in A’s ears, “You know, I helped them with the script.”

A: Huh? You wrote this entire thing?
(Entire thing meant the neat description of Karnataka’s history and culture (theme of the annual function))
Me: Not alone. I helped the school with it. But I did write the script for the play on Tenali Rama, by myself.
A (in utter disbelief): Ok….

After the programme got over, the school authorities were kind enough to announce my name under the vote of thanks. That finally caught A’s attention.

A: They took your name!! They took your name, Amma!!
Me (non chalantly): Yes, they did. I told you.
A (very innocently): I thought you were kidding me.
Me: No, I wasn’t. Why should I lie to you? I was serious.
A: So, you really are a writer. You can write!
Me: Smiling……

While driving back home:

A: Amma, you know, I told Joel (one of his football mates) that you write. And he was like, ‘woahhh’. And I said, “Yeah, she writes on the internet too!” And he was like, ‘huh!!! That’s cool man!’
Me: That’s nice!

After reaching home:

A: If I ask you to do something, will you do it?
Me: Tell me….
A: You write so well. You write for the school, for the internet, for your friends, now you write a book for me.
Me: For you!? You mean, a children’s book?
A: Yes, I want all my friends to read it.

N chose precisely that moment to pull A’s pants, and A ran behind her to take revenge!

And I was left thinking, “Interesting…now that is a request I must think about. Honestly the look of awe, admiration and wowness which my son showed in his gleaming eyes is making me think, “Isn’t that the kind of inspiration every parent looks for? What’s say?” 🙂

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