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The washroom akka

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I will be your tail…always.

“Where is your tail today, Aunty?” asked the shop keeper to the lady in her early 50s. Behind her, holding the end of her saree stood a little girl of 6. The little girl peeped out and gave a toothless smile Read more…

Einstein, yeh kya kar daala?

While browsing through Facebook. .. I came across a man staring at me with a huge smile on his no- nonsense kinda face. He said: My son has improved dramatically in Science and Math. I am relieved. It obviously is an Read more…

Scream, I should and I will

Indians are docile. And Indian women are definitely docile. From the time we are born, we are taught to not raise our voices and sit properly. We are instructed to not show exhilaration of any kind. Politeness and ‘nazar’ both Read more…

Reshuffling that cupboard of yours

26 days into the new year.  I can hear people talking about their resolutions and how they are keeping or well… er.. not keeping it. But it’s interesting how people need January 1st as the day when they want to Read more…

Look Amma….The White elephant !

Our kids are in a totally different world. Not that I don’t know about it, but the fact was thrown at my face recently when we traveled to Kerala. It’s a usual norm when we travel anywhere by car to Read more…