I have been outsmarted.

I have been proved wrong…by myself! After a long weekend of 4 days, when last Wednesday I kept N’s lunch bag in her bag, I noticed her alphabet practice workbook. I casually took it out and to my utter dismay found that the self proclaimed awesome mother has not helped her daughter with homework since 20/12/2013 !!!!!! The many pages […]

The Grandeur of Grand-Parenting – Blogathon – Post 10

11th August 2013 I am the product of multi parenting. Apart from my parents, my grandparents, especially my grandmother has a big role in what I am and the way I think. I am indebted to her for many lives to come, for the values and good thinking she gave me. Today, my mother also lives with me. And I […]

And that is what parenting is all about

I will be soon completing 7 years of motherhood. Yayyy! To say that parenthood has changed me by poles would be an understatement. I have realised my undermined strengths as well as weaknesses. The thing about becoming a mother is that it comes without training but with a lot of intuition and gut feeling. It is like being an intern […]