I have been outsmarted.

I have been proved wrong…by myself! After a long weekend of 4 days, when last Wednesday I kept N’s lunch bag in her bag, I noticed her alphabet practice workbook. I casually took it out and to my utter dismay found that the self proclaimed awesome mother has not helped her daughter with homework since 20/12/2013 !!!!!! The many pages […]

Signature in making – Blogathon Post 25

26th August 2013 I am wondering how very simple incidents take us back into the past lanes and bring back very fond memories. Today one of my 1st graders showed me her art book, in which alongside her beautiful drawing was a signature. No, not that of her art teacher or her parents. It was her classmate, a boy of […]

God’s own children – Blogathon – Post 21

21st August 2013 As a child, I remember my father asking me to go to the temple and also attend community bhajans. I used to and still like occasional visits to the temple, but community bhajans was something I never was interested in. I mean, I never understood it.  I used to wonder why do we have to be noisy […]