The Grandeur of Grand-Parenting – Blogathon – Post 10

11th August 2013 I am the product of multi parenting. Apart from my parents, my grandparents, especially my grandmother has a big role in what I am and the way I think. I am indebted to her for many lives to come, for the values and good thinking she gave me. Today, my mother also lives with me. And I […]

SCRABBLE is the word of the house – BLOGATHON – POST 2

3rd August 2013 SCRABBLE gifted its way to our home some time back. It made a grand entry, I must say. Every Saturday and Sunday, we religiously put N to sleep, finish our lunch and spread the game on the table. Infact, today when I came back from school….SURPRISE SURPRISE!….M left all that he was doing on his laptop, A […]

Are you a ‘Banyan Tree’ parent? – Blogathon – Post 1

2nd August 2013 If it was actually as funny as it sounds, life could have been easier for a child. And here, I mean a child as young as 3 years old to a child who is way into adulthood. Think about an adult who has been successful, self made and highly opinionated. Many a times these qualities are not […]