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The 1000 year old Boy – Ross Welford REVIEW

How nice it would be to stay still in a moment that we never wish to end. I remember moments with my friends and loved ones when we have had totally crazy time, laughing and having the best time of our lives, during night-stays, trips or just a casual lunch.  And then a moment comes when there is silence. The thought that comes to our mind is, I wish time just stops right here and we can be in this moment forever.

Probably this is the reason I picked up this book. It sounded intriguing.

The protagonist is a 1000 year old ‘boy’. He is stuck in time (being a permanent 11 year old) because of an elixir pill he has taken. But as time passes by he realises that he has bargained more than he can take. He painfully watches his friends growing up and moving away. He desperately wishes to grow old, and experience what adults feel. Then an unfortunate incident and entry of two lovely friends bring hope and the need to grow up. And his journey begins.

I loved the book. The book is more than a 100 chapter book, but you will never find it a chore reading it as the transition is easy and smooth.


There had been times while reading the book, when I took some time out and thought about myself. How, while having a lot of fun with my loved ones, I take a deep breath, gather up all the love and become silent. In those gullible moments, I can cry, hug, and just be grateful. And after that, I just want the day to get over with. I know it sounds weird. I think it’s because I just want to take the best out on those moments and move on to the next. I guess I don’t want to miss out on the next. The next is more abundant than the previous.

That is what the book is also all about.




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