The 3 kinds of people you need in your life.

Last week I watched the movie The Lincoln Lawyer. Those of you who are not a Matthew McConaughey fan must watch it, and if you are his fan, then you must watch it! Check out the review here.

Coincidentally, I watched his Oscar acceptance speech too last week and it left a deep mark within me.

He spoke about three kinds of people one needs in his/her life.

  1. Someone we look forward to: He says that is his family. His father. His mother. His wife and kids.
  2. Someone we look up to: He says he looks up to God for bestowing him with opportunities.
  3. Someone we can chase: This one was what caught me immensely. So this is a person you look up to as your hero. A person you would want to be.

When he was 15 years old someone walked up to him and asked, ‘Who is your hero?’ McConaughey asked for two weeks to think and after two weeks he was again asked the same question. And this time McConaughey had the answer. He said, ‘My hero is me in 10 years.’ When he turned 25, he was asked, ‘So, are you your hero?’ He said, ‘No, not even close. My hero is when I am 35.’

So, every day, every week, every month and every year, his hero is always ten years away.

This statement has not left my mind since.

Sometime back, I had read an article which said one must always have a role model. I flinched. I did not have one! I was thinking if I don’t have one at 36, when will I have one! And why don’t I have one?

I took it up as a task. I kept thinking. Like I say in my story sessions, ‘I huffed and I puffed and I thought and I thought.’ But no one came to my mind. It has nothing to do with being vain. I am a huge fan of some writers, artists and actors. But are they my role models? The answer is clear in my head. No.

I kept thinking something is wrong with me till I heard McConaughey. And I said to myself, ‘Yes, this is it. It has always been like this. I have always looked ahead and thought about myself 5 (not 10) years from now. And that person has been the one I have been chasing. And this is why probably I never feel satiated. This is what that has kept me going.

So, do you have these 3 people in your lives?

You can catch his speech here.


3 Replies to “The 3 kinds of people you need in your life.”

  • I love to read all your blog.
    Well written.
    I have got 1 and 2.
    I never had 3rd.
    May be like you said it’s the better version of me in coming years. It gets better always.

  • This was first thing i read written by u and now i feel like reading more. I always have Loved however and whatever I am and I also chase the best of myself within everyday without any Targeted period i try to learn more each time. Now next thing i want to learn from is by exploring your work and writings more

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