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Subha Manoj

The same-sex battle reigns.

Chitrangada Singh got divorced and it became a national best selling news item. It must be something huge, otherwise why would it appear in the first page of Bangalore Times and many other cities. And let’s not forget the ‘proof’: a copy of her divorce notification. How else can Indian household’s run without having a complete purview on Chitrangada Singh’s personal life? Errr…who is Chitrangada?

And then our good old Rani gets married to her long time partner Adi. Indians woke up to the BIG news! Everyone wants to know why she ran away to Italy to get married, and why everyone was not prior informed? Hell, how could you do that, Rani?!

I am beyond bemused.

2 women…their lives…and we just cannot let them be. I may not know the statistics, but I know women are talking about them the most. I wonder why?

We ourselves don’t want to be judged, but judge others we will. It runs in our blood. (Words of a random sexist)
What is the point wanting to become an almost-man kind of a super woman when we cannot have basic courtesy of respecting the life of another woman?

Closer home, a young girl’s two marriages get broken. Hell breaks loose as every other woman points fingers at her saying something is wrong with her. How else can her marriage break two times? And no, she is no celebrity. She is a just girl next door, like you and me. It does not matter that in a social gathering, the women kept talking about how women should speak up and stand for themselves and how support groups should be formed for weaker women.

Charity begins at home and so does progress for women. No, we do not need support groups. We do not need women’s liberation. There…I said it!

Why would I want to be like a man? Why would I want to be shoulder-to-shoulder with a man? Does a man want to equalise with a woman? LOL…I guess they are way practical for that. If man and woman had to be equal then why
did nature in first place create 2 genders?

Rather, let’s aim at a woman’s heart being equal to another woman’s. Let’s be civil and warm.

All we need to do is mind our own business. Just listen when a woman wants to be heard. Help if you want, participate if you, walk out if you don’t. Is it that tough?

Oh but, she is celebrity. She is such a whore, a rich bitch! The girl next door. Oh, she definitely has issues. The girl who wears short clothes, she is definitely sleeping around. The mother who parties and dresses well, she is eating her husband’s pockets off. The SAHM, she is just not career oriented. The woman who wears a bindi, she is a such a behenji. The woman who wears a mangalsutra and a toe ring, she is such a ancient aunty who has never heard of modernism.

And I … well I am perfect. Ain’t I? 

4 Replies to “The same-sex battle reigns.”

  • Yep, can't agree more. A woman's worst enemy is another woman. Its difficult to work with women as opposed to men. Strong emotions, be it love, hatred, jealousy..women can hold these emotions to make or break themselves and others too. Nicely written. I am yet to become perfect and yet to find the perfect. But the love for womanhood and girl friends stay strong. Well..:-)

  • The battle toughest to fight and an opponent, impossible to please. You couldn't have summed it up better. M privileged I know a woman like you who has so much clarity of thought and is open to speak out her heart. * Bows down*

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