Subha Manoj

While I Was Away

Things I like

Leaning against the rolled down car panes,
the world seems fast yet slow, as I pass by lanes.
I feel the wind in my hair and I close my eyes,
I take a deep breath and absorb the skies.

Standing in my balcony, early in the morn,
warm sun rays squeal their way to adorn
my face and I smile at the morning star.
I listen to the birds chirp and heading far.

Coming back to a full house after a long day,
sharing or listening to what each one has to say.
With music on, smiling faces and a hug or two,
I ponder, listening to a faraway coo.

A Friday night movie that keeps me on hook,
getting to eat a hot meal that I didn’t cook.
Silly jokes at dinner and a walk after that,
some wine, dark chocolate and moon to look at.

A date with bestie and sharing my bucket list,
there’s so much to talk, not feeling time drift.
Exchanging gifts and feeling sixteen,
a good friend is a kick better than caffeine.

A book, an ice-cream, my Dell and my blog.
A prayer and a deep inner monologue.
A crazy dance, a silly song and minds alike.
These are some things that I like.

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