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To hold a diamond, one needs gold – Blogathon – Post 22

22nd August 2013

Today’s post came up from a random comment made by a very close friend.

During a rather insignificant discussion, she said, “To hold a diamond, one needs gold.” I am sure she did not even think further on that, but it stuck with me for a really long time. The context in which she spoke was friendship.

M periodically wonders loud and clear how I still have friends from my kindergarten and school days. The answer to that is still unknown to me. I just know that most of us have stuck around. Most of them are in Delhi, and I staying in Bangalore, I cannot meet any of them regularly. But, all it takes is a call and we can talk and talk and taaaaaaallllk.

The way life is, many people have come and gone. Some friendships had to be let go painfully, but mostly I have held on to tightly.

We meet so many people everyday and some of them take a special place in our heart. But to replace our old buddies with the new ones is something I have learnt not to do. Especially it holds true, if there are a few who are like that tinge of sugar and salt without which the lemonade of life will be without a spark.

As much as it is important to choose the right friends and let go of certain people in our life, it is more important to value and keep up with the ones who are the Mirror. (Read the linked post to know who is the Mirror)

These friends are the Gold.

Time passes by, and a lot of interesting people come by who add the extra spice to the food of life. These friends become the Diamond.

For a while the diamonds may take a lead, take all the attention and complement us. But at the end, we go back to the Gold. They accept us with open arms and hearts. Their shoulders never get tired of holding us. Their ears never get tired of our rambling.

As much as we need Gold as a time tested investment, Diamonds add the extra dazzle. But when you get a Diamond, don’t forget the Gold.

Whoever said Old is Gold knew business. But whoever said To hold a diamond, one needs gold, knew the true essence of friendship.

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