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Subha Manoj

The UNO bug has finally bit us.

Fed up of the daily routine, excessive TV watching (yeah, it had hit the ceiling!…and I am not talk about the kids this time), work and chores, I finally declared one morning,

“No more TV in this house! We need to plan some family activity every evening before sleeping.”

All eyes turned towards me, and then conveniently went back to the laptop and the TV. Thats it! I thought. But now what?? To keep two adults and a six year old ( My 20 month old daughter really doesn’t need activities with us. She anyway keeps the three of us dancing on her little finger!) having fun together every evening is no mere task.

The solution came into picture when we went to a toy shop to pick up a toy for my daughter. My son shouted from one of the corners of the shop, “Amma! I want this. My friend was talking about it.”

I chose to ignore the emergency call. My son has friends all over, who keep telling him which is the latest gadget and game in town.

“Amma, can you pleeeeeeease come here!!!”

This time I chose to go to him personally and tell him he cannot have all the toys and games which his friends have. And what I saw was a pile of card: UNO.

I was flashbacked to my kiddy days when one of the family activity we all did together was playing cards. Oh how much fun we had!

I bought the cards.

That evening another announcement was made by me,

“No TV tonight. It is UNO time.”

This time one boyish voice said, “Yippppppeee!” and another set of eyes just looked at me and went back to TV.

The first couple of games was played just to understand the rules and everytime he won, guess who was the loudest. Nope…it was not my son.

This was almost a month back. Now, all three of us keenly wait for our lady-bug of the house to go to sleep, after which the pile of UNO cards is shuffled and the game is started. Trust me, the game has done a lot of things for the three of us:

1. My son has at last understood that it is okay to lose. There is always a next time, when he can win.

2. An adult has a child sleeping within him, which wakes up when a game is played. The proof is the cheers and ‘Woo-Hoos!!’ coming out of my husband and me, when we win or get an awesome set of cards.

3. My husband has come up with a new interest: Learning different ways to shuffle cards. The other day father-son duo was caught watching videos over the internet, trying to learn shuffling techniques.  🙂

4. TV gets a lot of rest these days.

Heartfelt thanks to UNO 🙂

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