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Subha Manoj

Use this when in DOUBT.

So, Anne Hathaway won the esteemed Golden Globe award for Best supporting actress for Les Miserables. What caught my ears was what she said while she received the award. She said,

“Thank you for giving me this blunt object which I can use as a weapon in the future when I am in self doubt.”

I kept thinking about it for a very long time. The proof is this blog post. I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it.

This is you and me too. We have a lot of gimmick going on around us. Each side pulls us their way. Every choice has a common component: SELF DOUBT.

Am I going to succeed?
What if people hate me?

She will call me a ‘loser’.
Am I looking good?
Is this going to be bad?
What if this is the wrong decision?

Heard these statements inside your head?

And then let’s say there is that one thing in your life, in your closet, in your shelf, on your table, on the wall, which asks you, ” Why are you doubting yourself so much? If it hadn’t been you, then how am I here?”

That thing could be an award, a love note, a medal, a souvenir, a tape, a CD, a message, a mail, a FB status update, a blog, a newspaper column on you….

Well, I am not a great singer. But I sing anyway. My husband who sings pretty well smirks every time I sing and asks, “Why??”

I stick my tongue out and swoon away to glory. But in my head I say, “because I have performed in a school choir in 12th std for an inter school western music competition and we won the 3rd position. That is why I still sing.” Psst…I still have the certificate in my folder.   

I believe in the future because I see the proof from the past. And to make that kind of a past, you have to believe in your present.

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