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While I Was Away

Subha Manoj

You have a topic….I have an opinion!

There are different kinds of people. And then there is a mother of all kind of a person. Mr. Know it All. Oops, sorry. There could be a female version too. And haven’t we all met them?

Typical Characteristics of Mr. Know it All:

1. They have an opinion about every damn thing under the sky. You just have to start a topic, and they have an opinion. 
2. They do not know when to shut up. 
3. They are distinctive as you will see everyone around nodding their heads vehemently, praying to make the torture stop. 
4. He / She is right and rest EVERYONE is well…they have grown up eating moongphalis.  
5. If there is something they don’t know about, they will still talk about. But they will talk crap about it. 
6. They have contacts everywhere. They know EVERYONE!
7. Their spouses will be the quiet ones. How much can a partner take..well?
8. As a child, their hands have always risen first when the teacher asked them a question. 
So I had a chance recently  meeting a know-it-all.

Me: I am reading this book…
KIA (Know it all): Even I have read it….
(No problem, many people can read the same book.)

Me: I am planning a trip to Singapore…
KIA: My brother took a trip last year. And….

Me: My son goes to Primus Public School.
KIA: I have heard of it. Isn’t it in … Road.
(No, it is not in …Road)

Me: I have got back to blogging…
KIA: Oh, I have been thinking about it….

Me: I am also thinking of re-joining teaching…
KIA: I was teaching last to last year….

Me: I have to get painting done in my house….
KIA: My cousin got her house painted recently….

I had it by now!

KIA: So you have a boy and a girl? Life must be busy.
(She is a mother of two boys)
Me:  Ya, it’s like having 2 worlds in a house at the same time.

SILENCE… (Yayyy…I won!…or I thought)

KIA:  Oh I know…my younger one is almost a girl….Just the other day…blah blah blahhhhh

You just cannot win…sometimes!

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